Violin courses

Violin courses are addressed to publis of all ages. Classes are private and single, in order to reach better results in less time.

Class frequency is to be determined with the pupil.

Theory, along with harmony and composition is included. Also, there is some tuition on a few software programs to help students with these disciplines.

The main objective is to try help the pupil find incentive and pleasure from playing, as soon as possible, so he can grow self-discipline in order to study on his own and help reaching positive results in less time (public auditions, local and international competitions, etc) .

The pupil can also propose any kind of work of his own interest that can be developed in class during the course. Pupils are also given some material to hear and see (CD, DVD) in order to promote him to assist to concerts and auditions. This will surely increase his interest in music and learning.
We also offer a permanent advising between classes, to help the student in case he has some doubts, so this way, he is going to make more progress at his own. At the end of the year we make different workshops (duets, trios) , putting together different groups of students,  so they can get in touch with the chamber music and learn from real life experience.

Classes are also available for students of foreign languages.

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